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GeoTag your travel pictures on Android!

updated on 09/08/2016

GeoTag was designed to operate on Android smartphones as a camera with coordinates on the screen. On top of other benefits, GeoTag appears to be an ideal geotagging application for travelers who’d like to photograph the new sights or find their way back home. GeoTag is offline – navigation and geotagging doesn’t require any Internet traffic though it’s desirable to have an updated Google map and see your images pinned to it.

Camera mode gets you a camera with your coordinates with accuracy in meters. Taking a photograph here you also geotag the image – add coordinates and other geodata into to the file. Most phones and tabs do that today but with this app you know exactly where you are. Used outdoors for better signal reception, the application determines where you are in a matter of seconds (the more precise you want your location to be, the longer you will have to wait – 30+ seconds).

Moreover, you can quickly jump to the recently taken picture and make text or voice notes (e.g. the name of the street, the name of the building) that will be connected with the photos. Note, you can share your geotagged image with other users only with the text comment, not with the voice note.

With GeoTag for Android you can share you coordinates in real time, share your geodata and pictures, remove geodata from pictures or edit it. GeoTag allows you to fake your GPS location or create it for a picture taken earlier, even with another camera.

GeoTag for Android can help you report a road / utility problem sending your authorities exact coordinates of where the problem is. You can create different reports with geodata for your real estate, farming and other professional spheres. You can collect, store and share geodata in many ways using only your smartphone.

Buy a test subscription package for a month today) Message me through Feedback if you'd like to tailor the app for your company geotagging purposes!


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