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My name is Andrei Burdenkov, I am a certified private guide in Minsk (License 000961 of 20.05.2011). The past employment at Minsk travel agencies earned me experience in different aspects of tourism in Belarus. Still not sure if Belarus is the place to go? Take a look at the top ten attractions of Minsk:

On this website the BELARUS TOURS section features Minsk tours for which I am certified either as a guide or as an interpreter - from a Minsk city tour to Belarus package tours. My tour services are frequently captured on my Minsk Guide Facebook page and reviewed on TripAdvisor. Check out Minsk Guide on YouTube. Prices are always confirmed upon request to which I reply very promptly. You might want to download a promotional leaflet in Russian or in English

The most frequently updated section is BELARUS TRAVEL TIPS, where frequently asked Belarus tour questions and answers come from TripAdvisor forums where I am a destination expert.

The most important subsection here is Immigration - it will enlighten you on the ways to obtain a tourist visa to Belarus and Belarus visa support rendered by my partners.

The ABOUT BELARUS articles are about history and culture of Belarus. Some articles are dedicated to the cities and sights that might be included in Belarus travel itineraries. I will be happy to assist you before and during your tour to Belarus!

Are you using an Android smartphone? Download my free GeoTag application to photograph the best moments of your travel and to add coordinates and text captions to your photographs.

Questions are welcome!

Andrei Burdenkov - your personal guide in Belarus
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How do I apply for a Belarus tourist visa?
updated on 13.02.2017

Applying at their local Belarus Consulate, the citizens of migration-secure states (e.g. the USA, Canada, Japan and others) can obtain a short-term...

Filling in Belarus visa application
updated on 18.02.2020

The form of application for a visa to Belarus has become digital and you can save and send it as a PDF file. It is only a 2-page document that is available...

Anything I should know about landing in MSQ Minsk Airport?
updated on 08.02.2017

Quite a number of things, as a matter of fact. Let’s examine a typical case from my travel agent’s past with a traveler landing in Minsk Airport (MSQ) and applying for a visa...

How do I apply for a Belarus private/guest visa?
updated on 01.02.2017

People, who want to travel to Belarus to see a friend, take care of the grave of a relative, take part in the court hearings, etc. need to apply for a private visa... 

Tour Belarus for family research
updated on 16.05.2013

This article covers field family research in Belarus that in most cases comes after dealing with the State archives of Belarus and genealogical research.

Using a plastic card in Belarus?
updated on 14.10.2016

A plastic card is a fine thing, no doubt, but there have been a number of cases when the ATM displayed ERROR, or required a PIN code...

Traditional souvenirs from Belarus?
updated on 18.10.2016

While most tourists agree that Belarus is not the country for grand shopping, there are still some things that can be brought back as souvenirs...