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Book these Minsk tours to feel the spirit of Belarus culture: original village houses in Ozertso, folk crafts in Dudutki Farmstead and UNESCO sights of Belarus.

Dudutki Folk Crafts Museum tour

updated on 20/09/2014

Boasting of its picturesque location, the museum of folk crafts is only within an hour’s drive away from Minsk and makes one of the most frequently visited Belarus tourist attractions. The founders of the complex pursued the goal to restore a 19th century Belarusian manor with all the subsidiary services and workshops that existed here only decades ago. These include stables, pottery, forge, cheese dairy and several others – all in full order and operational.  

In the course of the tour you will hear about the development of the Belarusian village and the history of folk crafts that were practiced by the local peasants to improve their standard of living. You will see the distillery machine used to produce the popular alcoholic beverage samogon and actually taste a glass or two, see the potter at work and take a master-class form the local blacksmith who will produce a souvenir horse-shoe for you.

The Dudutki Museum has become the symbol of Belarus – the country with long-standing village traditions - and its culture. The museum stands out from other such establishments because the visitors can see the exhibits at work or under restoration and can use them after appropriate training to feel the spirit of the time. By visiting the place you will get the idea of the traditional village life and its peculiarities and therefore will shape your understanding of the Belarusians as a nation.

Tour duration: 4.0 hours, around 100 km round way.

Tour price: USD 130 plus entrance fees for 3 persons and services of a local guide $13x4 (per car, 1-3 pax)* (please note, that I will deliver translation after the on-site guide)

Note: the price quoted for the present Minsk tour is for reference purpose and is confirmed upon request. It covers transportation (the standard option for 3 pax is Volkswagen Multivan), on-site guiding and translation, entrance fees, 4 on-site tasting sessions of the local products: home-made vodka, honey, bread and tea, translation services and taxes. The tour is available round the week, except Mondays.


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