Belarus military tours

Military Minsk tours on a private car including Stalin Line, Hatyn and Glory Mound and Minsk Jewish ghetto - a walking WWII tour in Minsk.

Minsk Jewish ghetto tour

updated on 10/02/2020

In the course of the Minsk ghetto tour we are going to hear about the life of the Minsk Jews under the Nazi occupation, about the way they lived and died in Minsk Jewish ghetto.

Minsk was one of the destinations in Eastern Europe where the Nazi relocated the Jews from Western Europe for extermination in the years of WWII. After Minsk was occupied in 1941 a ghetto was established not far from Nemiga Street to imprison local Jews and Jews from Europe. The territory of ghetto was surrounded with barbed wire and violent pogroms were carried out there from time to time. Over 100 000 civilian Jews were killed in Minsk ghetto that existed from 1941 till 1943.

The walking part of the tour includes the premises of the ghetto established by the Nazi in 1941 to embrace 40 blocks of streets in northern Minsk. Along with the original ghetto buildings, we will pass the bread factory (being dismantled now) and the former synagogue building. We will see Yubileynaya square which has the marker commemorating about 100 000 victims of the Minsk ghetto before walking past the Sonderghettos for the European Jews and seeing what's become of the Jewish cemetery.

However, the Belarusian Jews didn’t give up and from the first days of war an underground resistance was organized. Taking enormous efforts these brave people did their best to save the lives of their compatriots, inflict damage on the German rears and join the partisan movement to wage open war against the occupants. There are several buildings that witnessed their operations and memorials paying tribute to their exploits.

If you'd like to extend the tour adding a vehicle, we can go to Maly Trostenets camp site to see the new memorial and see other highlights of Minsk that have a strong prewar connection with the Jewish history.

This tour commemorates the victims of Nazi in the Second World War, the Jews in particular, and reminds the community of the horrors of the Nazi crimes.

Tour duration: 2.0 hours, around 5 km round way.

Tour price: USD 60 (per group)*

Note: the price quoted for the present Minsk tour is for reference purpose and is confirmed upon request. This is a walking tour and transportation is provided upon request. The tour is available round the week.


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