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updated on 28/05/2017

Telekhany – a township on the Aginsky Canal, a locality center. It is 45 km away from the nearest train station in Ivatsevichy.

It was first mentioned in 16 century and changed several families of owners – Dolsky, Vishnevetsky, Oginsky. In 1767-1783 a canal was built between Yaselda and Shchara under the initiative of M.Aginsky to connect the water systems of Dneper and Neman rivers. It passes Vogonoshanskoye and Vulka lakes.

The canal was mostly used for logistics – wheat and timber was supplied to Europe. The canal design had some shortcomings so during drought water level dropped and navigation stopped. WWI destroyed many water locks but infrastructure was renewed in 1920s to be used for shipping timber and transporting passengers to Pinsk.

Villagers were busy in carpentry, farming and made barrels. In 1778 a manufactory was established that majored in decorative ceramics – tableware and stove tiles (closed in 1839). Ship pier functioned in town.

In 1793 Telekhany became a Russian territory, a center of Pinsk poviat in Minsk Gubernia. There were two Jewish synagogues, a pier, a hospital, water authority office, a road conductors school.

In 1880 a fire flattened Telekhany, but the place was rebuilt promptly.

In 1897 it featured 450 buildings, 1039 dwellers, a Russian Orthodox and a Catholic Churches, 3 Jewish prayer houses, a school, a post office and a hospital. A steam mill and 20 shops operated, too. Telekhany village which was by the town featured 90 households and 593 residents.

In the 1895 a steam-powered glass factory was established in Telekhany to produce all kinds of glass products. The production was boosted by the Russian brewing legislation which dictated to bottle hard drinks in glass only. Elaborate multi-color crystal glasses and bottles won several awards. The WWI forced the closure of the glass factory.

In 1909 Telekhany was a group of settlements: a town, a village and a glass factory. German occupation saw a construction of railroads to extract timber. German occupation was replaced with a Polish one.

In 1920 the population included 210 men, 214 women, 380 kids.

Since 1921 Telekhany were in Poland, featuring 79 houses and 895 residents including 360 Belarusians.

In 1940 it became a district center and numbered 397 households with 3611 residents.

Trinity Church built in 1934 is a monument of architecture. Was redeveloped in 1975 according to a new city plan. South of Telekhany features one-floor typical village houses.

In 2002 had 4700 dwellers. 

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