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Day trips in Slovenia

updated on 02/07/2020

If you happen to be in Slovenia or nearby, there are a lot of jewels you might visit, but at the moment we will give you a hint for the two most important: Ljubljana and Bled. A Slovenian capital Ljubljana is a gorgeous small city containing everything that capital has to offer. Another gem is Bled, a breathtaking location surrounded by the Alps and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the country.


Located in the heart of Slovenia, Ljubljana is a must-see for any visitor in the region. It will attract you with its relaxed and romantic atmosphere, friendly people chilling on the river banks of Ljubljanica and the rich history with its charming architecture.

Must-do in Ljubljana

Take a journey through history and learn all about the famous dragon and other local legends.  Stop at the Prešeren Square, Three Bridges, the Dragon Bridge, Central Market, Congress Square and enjoy the small streets of this beautiful old town. Visit museums and galleries, shop, have a coffee or a glass of wine in one of the bars, or simply relax in one of the beautiful parks, such as Park Tivoli. Another great way to see the city from a different perspective is a 1-hour boat ride on the Ljubljanica river. Another must-see is Ljubljana from above – from the Ljubljana Castle, reigning on the hill in the middle of the city centre.

Last, but not least: Maybe you didn't know, but Slovenia is also famous for its wines, so another must-do in Ljubljana is Wine Tasting.


Another breathtaking location is a town of Bled, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia with its fairytale scenery of the charming island in the middle of the lake. This Alpine lake town is a real paradise surrounded by mountains and nature. The spectacular atmosphere will fascinate all the adventurers, athletes, romantic souls, hikers, fairytale lovers…If you visit the region Lake Bled day trip is the best option.

Must-do in Bled

A six kilometres flat hiking trail around the Lake Bled should be a perfect relaxing workout for everyone. During your walk you can also take a moment to rest on the bench and enjoy a pleasant view of the island in the middle of the lake, the Karavanke Mountains in the distance or simply observe swans and ducks and breath deeply. If you are visiting Bled in the summertime, you can relax on the beach and jump into the lake to freshen up. Other not-to-miss spots in Bled are: the Bled Castle, standing on a steep cliff above the lake, and a church on the Island. You can reach the island with a traditional “Pletna” boat – one of the symbols of Bled. 

Last, but not least: You can't leave Bled without having the famous cream cake or “kremšnita”, as the locals call it. It's a symbol of Bled gastronomy and you can find it in almost every pastry shop and restaurant. Over 15 million cream cakes have been served in Bled since 1953 when the pastry chef created the first one.

 Welcome to Slovenia!

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