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How good is tap water in Belarus?

updated on 20/10/2016

Normally potable water in Belarus has a low level of fluorine and iodine and an excessive level of iron. The further to the east the cities and villages are located the worse the water becomes. Local quality standards are stricter than those set by the WHO and according to the UN Economic Commission for Europe, the quality of tap water in Belarus is rather high. Currently the water supply system of Belarus is being repaired with the ongoing construction of deironing facilities.

Minsk has the best potable water in Belarus and among the former Soviet countries. The authorities maintain that one can drink tap water in any Minsk district without the risk of catching a disease. Underground sources make up to 70 per cent of the total water supply of the capital while the remaining 30 per cent come from surface sources and undergo chemical and biological treatment. Complete switch of Minsk to underground water sources is scheduled for 2020.

However, in other Belarusian cities the water situation is different and the quality is not as high. To clean the water many people apply such old-fashioned methods as sedimentation, boiling and freezing while others stick to using various filters or buying bottled water. In any way, tap water in Belarus is in most cases good enough to take a shower, a bath and to wash foodstuffs. 

According to some of my customers, it is better not to drink water in the WC taps of the Minsk hotels.

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