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What are the traditional things to eat in Belarus?

updated on 10/10/2016

Among the popular Belarus cuisine dishes are draniki (draniki, or potato pancakes that can be stuffed with caviar, mushrooms, carrot, etc), borshch (hot beetroot soup), and kholodnik (cold beetroot soup) the latter being normally served with potato puree. Apart from draniki, babka is also popular with different fillings.

Draniki and sour cream - guide's food!

Machanka is a sauce that is cooked from multiple ingredients – different types of meat, vegetables, flour and water. Cutlets in Belarusian cuisine can be made of pork or beef, fish and mushrooms and there are several kinds of these, too.

A lot of dishes are made of meat because in the old times there was plenty of game in the Belarusian forests (not available to peasants, though).

The traditional Belarusian non-alcohol drinks are – kvass and cranberry juice. The alcoholic ones are medovukha, khrenovukha and samogon (homemade equal to vodka) and normally substitute it in the modern Belarusian province.

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