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A recommended professional driver-guide in Moscow, Russia

updated on 20/09/2014

Moscow is the capital of a multiethnic state, a city with century-long and very complicated history where many styles and trends have been mixed. The old city of Moscow is extremely complex to understand on a short-term visit for a tourist and requires thorough research and constant practice from a guide. Life in Moscow is vibrant and diverse with about seven million foreign visitors from all over the world coming to taste it every year.

moscow guide in red square

Red Square in Moscow, Russia

In view of this tourists who travel to Moscow might make use of a professional with a combination of certain qualities and qualifications, e.g. a guide and a driver.

Arthur Lookyanov is a Moscow guide-driver with a vast experience in this field. Arthur is a dedicated professional who is keen on what he is doing. He knows Moscow well enough to tailor any tourist itinerary – walking or driving – which will satisfy a most exacting customer. Moscow sightseeing will be a lot of fun instead of great stress if you have a skillful English speaking guide at hand driving his own vehicle in hectic Moscow traffic.
Is your Moscow stay limited to one day only? Arthur will fetch you from the hotel in the morning and drive you through the most remarkable Moscow sights. Are you staying for the whole week and willing to feel the spirit of Moscow? You’ll have a specialist able to show the most hidden – and therefore charming - corners of this city. You are keen on taking pictures? Share your passion with Arthur, a keen photographer, whose Moscow photos are featured on world’s famous resources.
If you have designed your own itinerary, Arthur might come up with valuable suggestions and tips (museum closed, bridge being repaired, etc.) and make the whole itinerary flexible. Being the only tourist in a group you will cut out the Moscow sights you don’t need and will not waste time for some souvenir shopoholics. You will be able to ask as many questions as you like and your Moscow guide will see that they are all answered.
Apart from sightseeing Arthur will be happy to give some recommendations on Moscow restaurants, shops  and night clubs. Whether you are only thinking to visit Moscow or are already on your way – don’t hesitate to contact Arthur for a better travel experience!


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Andrei Burdenkov - your personal guide in Belarus
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